By: Jessica

Hi Everyone!  I am feeling sooo much better and I am back to my normal self again.  Thank goodness.  So with that being said, how many of you use technology on a daily basis?  I am pretty sure that all of us use some type of technology everyday whether it is a cell phone, computer, tablet, or internet.  There is so much around us; most of us have just grown up with it so it does not even affect us in a way we would even notice.  I know what you are thinking… who doesn’t use technology.  You would be surprised how many ahp-technology-postpeople refuse to use it or even have possession of it.

So what type of gadgets can you use for schooling?  For me I use multiple depending on what the assignment or the project it is that I am doing.  That is another great thing about At-Home Professions.  You can sync your classes to your cell phone, tablet, or the computer.  They also offer a hard copy of the actual assignments and books.

So when I use my tablet it is usually for me just to read the chapters.  I don’t mind the tablet it is just easier for me to use the desktop because the screen is so much bigger.  I also use my desktop to download any programs we may need to use for assignments too.  I try to use the desktop as much as possible because once I am on the job we will be in front of a computer.

I use my cell phone to check my grades and emails from the school, and also to write these blogs at times because I am on constantly on the go.

I do not have a smart watch but I think I would just use it to check my grades and maybe send an email to the instructor to ask a question or something quick like that because the screens are very small.

So with all the technology at our finger tips, what is your favorite go to tech gadget?  I love having all these options because I seriously can be on the go and pick up right where I left off.  But I am super Old school and like to have the physical books in my hand.  The reason I always order the books is so that I can work and highlight in them.  Also they will be a great reference for me when I am in the actual job.  They do charge a little extra for the books but I feel the extra $30.00 per section is well worth the extra reference for the future.

So what do you think about this technology at our finger tips?  Will you try using another device this week to do your school work?  Have a great week and keep up the great work.


Farewell, Friends!

By: Annie

Thinking about all of the different blogs I’ve written during my time as a student in the health documentation specialist program, I have noticed a few different themes I seemed to write about. The first is to always be positive and look on the bright side. The second theme I wrote about a lot is the fact that life is always changing and how to handle any change that comes our way.

I find it only fitting and even a little ironic that my last blog post is the result of many new changes I am facing in my life. In my last post I told you all I had finished the program, but that I was going to complete the Success Promise Program that At-Home Professions offers its students.  I was very excited to start the program and learn how to better market myself to get the exact job I want.

Well, let’s just say life happened. The moving process has not been a kind one and it has actually been long, tedious and more time consuming with a now-walking one-year-old than I could ever imagine. Secondly, my role in my family’s farm has increased and I now have to make myself more available to assist with that as needed. Couple that with the every day tasks of owning a home, helping my brother with his auctioneer business and chasing after my sweet girl, I tend to run out of time every day.

I began to see a pattern where my job search was not high enough on my priority list and so I sat down and listed the necessary time commitments I have in my life and what tasks I could perhaps restructure or not focus on at the moment. Personally, I felt that At-Home Professions has such a wonderful outline of the Success Promise Program and the key elements to obtaining my dream job that I could use those tools and apply them in my own way.

As a result, I have decided to begin my job search on my own and opt out of the Success Promise Program. It was definitely a difficult decision, but one that I felt was necessary for my time management structure.

This will be my last blog post for At-Home Professions. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a student blogger for this program and I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts each week. I am so excited for my future and I can’t wait to start working in the health documentation field. Good luck to you all on your studies!

Biggest lesson Learned

By: Jessica

Hi guys! Hope you had a great week.  I know I am ready for a complete do over.  Yep I am still sick and have been in the hospital, but that is not going to get in my way.  I am just plugging away at my homework.  And you know what all these nurses are super helpful, and they know there stuff!! I am loving it.  I have pneumonia but I no longer have a fever at the moment so I thought I would get some blogging done for the week.

So as soon as the doctor told me that I had phenomena what did I do?  Yep I looked it up along with the side effects and specifically the treatments. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to needles.   So if you can just picture a grown woman screaming about having an IV put in yep that is me.  I try my best to avoid those situations at all costs.  But all the nurses and the doctors thought it was neat that I was all about learning about my condition.  And they all remember the books all too well they said.  So just a little hint.  Go hang out at a hospital with your study books and ask any nurse or doctor and they will flock to you like a sugar to ants.  Ok enough of that….

So what is your Biggest lesson learned?  Mine is chances not taken.  I was supposed to move to Florida the day I graduated with a few of my cousins and couldn’t leave my ex boyfriend behind.  At least that was my excuse then.  To this very day I always wondered how my life would have changed to this day.  I regret not taking the chance before I settled and got married.  But I know that if my husband said tomorrow let’s move to the south my bags could be packed in literally 5 minutes no questions asked.  Life is all about taking chances.  Yes there are consequences to everything you choose to do, but there are also great rewards to and so many people to meet.  If you get a chance to try something new always take it.  I look at it like it is something you haven’t tried and another thing to have on your resume or something to tell your future children or grandchildren.  My great grandpa took all of us kids to the BMX track and rode a mountain bike with a baby seat on the back with me in it. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.  It was a blast and to see my old paw paw out there tearing up that track was awesome.  If this certificate isn’t what you want to do in life, then at least you have the experience and the schooling under your belt to fall back on.  Try something else you may be interested in, there is no limit in learning ever and no one can ever take that away from anyone.  Knowledge is power. So go out and try new things this week.  Enjoy!

The Finish Line

By: Annie

I am so excited and happy to say I have completed the fifth and final course in the Healthcare Documentation Specialist program offered by At-Home Professions. Although I had hoped to be completed with the program in a much shorter time, I was still able to finish it all just short of a year!thefinishline

Although this past year was a very happy one with the birth of my daughter and many new experiences with her, it has also been a very challenging year for me. I won’t go into detail, but a lot of necessary changes have occurred and looking back I would definitely say they are changes for the better. A lot of these changes affected my ability to concentrate on my studies so they suffered and not much progress was made during some of the more stressful times.

I decided to title this blog “the finish line,” after much thought about what completing this program means to me. When someone competes in a race they train and focus on that specific race. All of their energy is put into that particular event, but once that race is completed the work begins all over again. Most athletes will not just run one race and be done for the rest of their lives. The race is a part of them and as soon as they are done with one race they will often begin focusing on the next race immediately.

I find a lot of similarities in my situation with this metaphor. Completing the program through At-Home Professions was the current race I was training for. I thought about studying and what I learned all the time. I reflected often how every day scenarios would relate to what I was learning at the moment and how it might apply in my future career. Much like athletes dedicate their attention and time to their race, I dedicated my time and attention to completing my courses.

Now that I am done I am certainly not stopping. I completed this program, but now I have a new goal—that being employment and doing all of these tasks that I just spent nearly a year learning about. I am now training for my next race, so although I have crossed one finish line, I am not done yet!

I hope your studies are all going well and that you are close to completing whatever race you are currently on! Just remember, as long as you keep moving you will get closer and closer to the finish line!

Spring Break

By: Jessica

Hi everyone!! Hope you had a fantastical week. I got a lot of work done at home. So the game plan for this week is to catch up on my studies. Yea I know shame on me. Definitely not happy about letting things slide but I am on spring break now. Of course Motherahp-spring-break-blog-post Nature cursed me with sickness of evil. Aka pneumonia. So I guess I will be doing things from my phone and locked in my room. Nothing like being sick on vacation. But we will just roll with it. I am literally having the hardest time with course 4. But I have yet to tap into my resources such as other student’s, instructors and study partners.  Here is my plan…

  • Get all my schools supplies together.
  • Have all my creature comforts such as Kleenex, glasses, and medicine.
  • Hire a servant lol aka my hubster.
  • Make a list of questions as I read along in the workbook.
  • If I cannot answer the questions as I read along I will reach out to my resources.
  • Complete at least 2 tests and halfway point of the course.
  • Most of all get some rest.

As much as we try to accomplish we all have those days where we literally want to turn into toddlers stomp our feet and say I don’t want to. That’s a perk of being a toddler.  But as an adult we have to suck it up buttercup. I really just want my Grandma to come make me feel better with her magic powers so I can just power through this course.

Have you gotten stuck on this same course? Have you felt like giving up yet? This month of April don’t forget that the more assignments you complete the more money you make. What other school will pay you to complete assignments? That’s right a free $100.00 if you complete 10 assignments this month. So if you’re on the fence about joining the At-Home Professions school take that perk into consideration. Plus you have all your school supplies right in your phone or tablet or laptop. It’s very versatile. And here at At-Home Professions no one will ever rush you. It’s completely at your own pace.  So what are you waiting for jump aboard?

Back to Spring break. We don’t have holidays really when we are going to school online. We just have days when the staff such as instructors have days off but they always reply to my emails within a day or two. Nothing to stress about. So with that being said will you find the motivation to join? Will you out do your goals for the month of April to earn that extra cash? You know what I think that money for the month of April is just the push I need. Or maybe being sick helps keep me in bed to finish my homework instead of out lolly gagging around. Either way stay positive and push through. Til next week.


By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend! But guess what this week is going to be even better.  March is done- bring on April and Spring break!  Can you tell I am sooo ready for Spring Break lol?

So in the titlefocus-ahp-blog you can tell that I am completely focused on Spring break.  This is such a bad thing for my other priorities- that I have totally neglected trying to get the best prices for vacation.  That literally has been my main focus for two weeks straight.  So in order to get my focus back on school and get my to-do list finished before I have to leave I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve.  First thing is we have to get our minds in the right mindset.

Don’t Say:

I am no good at this.

I give up!

It’s good enough.


Say This:

What am I missing?

I’ll use some of the strategies we have learned.

Is this really my best work?

By changing the way we think and in the way we talk, it helps us to have a positive mindset and this encourages us not to give up and to continue through in a positive manner.

In my office where I do all my homework and blogging I have lots of motivational quotes.  This inspires me to do better and also to keep my butt in gear when I veer off to social media and other interruptions. Here is one of my all time favorites from Einstein

“Remain curious, never stop asking Questions.”

This quote is the whole reason that I know for a fact there is never a dumb question.

Ok so now we have our mindset, and our inspiration.  I find that I do my best studying when the weather is cold and wet.  For me I hate being cold and wet so I will stay inside.  Yes this is perfect weather to snuggle and Netflix, but it’s also the best time to study.  So unplug from social media, find a quiet happy place. By happy place I am talking about a space that is easy for you to accomplish your homework and studying without interruptions.

  1. Now to make a list of assignments, tests, and quizzes to complete. Make sure to list them by due date or level of importance.  Include page numbers and chapters.
  2. Gather all the materials you may need such as books, paper, pens, pencils, post it notes, flash cards, and snacks and drinks. You want to have everything you may need so that you are not wasting time gathering and looking for supplies.
  3. Take notes; organize your notes when you have time. Use mind maps (circle in the middle with finger coming off with other bubbles).
  4. Study for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. Use a timer; make a game of beat the clock.  You will be surprised at how much you can learn during crunch time.

This is everything that I try to do to stay focused.  This is a very hard task for many, but it does get easier the more you practice it.  So stay focused 1 more WEEK!  Have a great week everyone.

Speech Recognition Editing

By: Annie

When I first began this program with At-Home Professions I knew very little about medical billing, coding and transcription. I knew that it had the potential to offer me a career that I could do at home so that my daughter wouldn’t have to go to daycare. I was sold then and there. The more I learned about all the ins and outs of these different tasks, though, the more I began to enjoy and respect this profession even more.magnifying-glass-97588_960_720

Reflecting on all of the wonderful things I’ve learned so far, I would have to say the most surprising thing was the fact that Voice Recognition Editing exists. If you’ve ever used the microphone feature on your cell phone or computer, you have utilized Voice Recognition software! I’ve done that multiple times myself, but I had no idea that this type of technology existed in the medical field or that it was something I could do as a career.

Up until the point of learning about this new and exciting aspect of my studies my favorite thing had been medical coding. I still really enjoy coding. The challenge of matching the right diagnosis and procedure with the correct code is probably what drives my enjoyment so much. After completing Course 4 I could definitely see myself working in the coding field.

After completing Course 5 I can now really see myself working with Voice Recognition software. Basically, working with this type of technology is like proofreading. I’ve always enjoyed proofreading. In college, I was more excited to proofread the first draft of my papers than I was to write them the first time. I’ve proofread numerous papers for colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances. One of my good friends is a photographer and I’ve looked over her website for her on multiple occasions to ensure the formatting and style is what she is trying to accomplish. English and grammar have always been a strength of mine, so to be able to utilize it in a way that earns me some extra income is a great feeling!

At this moment I am on the final quiz of Course 5. I am taking my sweet time completing it. The textbook warns us that although medical editing may seem easier because much of the text is written out for us, we have to learn an entire new way to comprehend and apply dictation now. I took this advice to heart and have been combing over the provided transcriptions and audio to ensure I’m not missing obvious mistakes. I am really enjoying it so far.

It’s a pretty great feeling to know I am almost done with this program and that I have reached another achievement in my life. I am hoping all your studies are going well and you are nearing completion of whatever course you are currently on, too!

Wind Down

By: Jessica

Hi Everyone!!! Hope that your weekend has been a complete success and you are ready to grab this week by the horns!  Yes I am feeling very determined that this week is going to be mine.  I have a lot to accomplish in just 7 days.  Any well wishes would be fantastic.  Thank you in usci-unwind-blogadvance.  With that being said, have you ever had those weeks, or even days when you just need that time to Unwind?  Did you know that March is the most stressful month for most people?  March is the most stressful month because of tax season and the month that everyone starts to think about planning their summer vacations.  If you are from the North there is never a month that goes by that you are not planning that warm vacation unless it is the summer months.  But planning a vacation can also be a great stress reliever to some, and to others it can create a lot of stress to make sure that it is the perfect vacation for everyone to enjoy too.

So guess what?  Yup you guessed it I am going to list some other types of ways to unwind… you guys know me all to well.

Ways to Unwind

  1. Hot Bath
  2. A long walk in a nature area
  3. Reading your favorite book in a quiet space.
  4. Massage
  5. Curl up with a warm beverage
  6. Day Dream
  7. Write your worries in a journal and slam it shut
  8. Go shopping
  9. Take a scenic Drive
  10. Paint

Now these are just a few that I personally love to do.    Everyone needs a day to just take time for you and relax.  Or a two week vacation on a beach too always works.  By taking that time to relax it helps your body get back on track when you have to get back to the daily grind.  I always think of it as a brain break.  Like when you are behind on doing your school work so you have to take a whole day and keep your nose in the books.  Like complete focus on just homework.  When I finally get to take that 15 minute potty or lunch break.  Then when I go back to the school work I have a whole new focus and can actually concentrate better.  Sometimes you need a few days, not just a few minutes.  So make sure that you are always getting that ME time and enjoy it.  Do not think about all the things that need to get done, or the things that you could be using that time to be accomplishing that list of things to do. Go enjoy your day.  See  you all next week.

The Dilemma of Distractions

By: Annie

For me, multi-tasking has always been something I have done. Even when I was in college I would cook supper or watch TV while I was doing my homework. Now, I somehow manage to juggle my sweet daughter into that mess somehow. I’m learning two things about myself though: I certainly don’t multi-task like I used to and distractions are eating a big chunk of my time every single day.ahp-blog-the-dilemma-of-distractions

I’m not sure where the change happened, but I went from juggling two, three or sometimes even four different tasks at the same time to now getting overwhelmed by one task very easily. I’d like to blame it on the sleep deprivation, but I think that card may be a bit overused.

If you recall, I recently moved. The move in itself has presented me with lots of issues. Taking care of all the legalities of moving was a big distraction, but then came time to actually move all my belongings. I have gotten to the point where I am only focused on unpacking and I can’t do anything else until that task is done. I don’t remember this being such an issue the last time I moved when I was working nearly 60 hours a week. I must have gotten it done on the weekends and evenings somehow.

As lovely as she is, my daughter is obviously another distraction. She is just over a year old now and has discovered every single cupboard mommy doesn’t want her playing in. She has a giant toy box full of every toy you could imagine, but for some reason those yellow rubbery cleaning gloves have more appeal to a one-year-old wondrous eyes. So when I’m not busy being distracted by unpacking the house, I am running from one end of the establishment to the other trying to find what the latest mess she has created is. I may sound like I am complaining here, but I genuinely enjoy being her mother and all the perks that come with it! J

I have identified that I have a problem with these distractions cutting into my study time and productive time in general. Now that I know it is impeding on my other tasks, I have decided to actively do something about it. I block off times in the morning to work on house stuff and then I do whatever tasks can be done while my darling girl is awake like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. Once she takes her late morning and afternoon naps I buckle down and that’s when I study, make phone calls, pay bills—you know the “adult” things in life.

I have had this routine for about a week and a half now and it seems to be working better than anything else I’ve tried. I am on the last quiz of Course 5 at the moment and can’t wait to be done with the program. I have started applying for jobs and submitting my resume to various companies, so hopefully I will get some part-time work for now and see where that goes. I hope your studies are all going well, too!

The Value of a Job Well Done

By: Annie

Generally speaking, my life goes pretty smoothly. The days go by, all my electronics, appliances and vehicles run perfectly and life goes on. I really can’t complain, but every once in a while something out of the ordinary happens and I have to order a part or bring a vehicle in to get worked on.

That was the case recently. I had to bring our pickup in to get worked and was told it would take all day. That wasn’t a problem; we dropped it off on Thursday night expecting to pick it up on Saturday morning all fixed and ready to go. Saturday morning came and we got the pickup, but there was a problem—it wasn’t fixed as we expected it would be!

I am pretty easy going and understanding when it comes to everything in my life. I understand if they ran out of time to work on something, I also get it if something couldn’t be fixed, but we didn’t receive any communication that this was the case. Instead, we got in the truck started it, started driving and soon we heard a “ding,” followed by another “ding,” and soon a third. Every single light came back on that we just had fixed.

I became frustrated immediately because it takes over an hour to get to the city where the pickup was being worked on. I waited for Monday to come around and called the place back to explain what happened and that the pickup was indeed not fixed. I scheduled another appointment, woke up at 5:30 am to get my daughter and myself ready and drove over an hour again to hopefully have these issues resolved.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I understand this is considered a “first-world problem.” Yes, I am very fortunate to even have a vehicle (and one that runs) in the first place. The reason I am even complaining about this in a blog post is because it immediately made me think of my homework and what I’m studying to do.

In our profession, accuracy and getting the job done right is vital. We can’t do a job halfway or incorrectly. We are working with sensitive and highly important information. In every aspect of my life I pride myself on a job well done and I have no doubt that my career working as a health documentation specialist will be no exception. I only wish those individuals working on our vehicle held the same standard for themselves!

I am still in the midst of moving and unpacking what seems like an endless supply of boxes so my studies have once again suffered. I am so ready to be done with the program and working so I hope this week I can find the time to buckle down and just finish the last of Course 5. I hope your studies are all going well!