When Life Hands You Apples

By: Annie

I’m sure you’ve heard the familiar phrase before: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” I’ve seen it modified a few times to include some type of alcohol, or a negative comment if that person happens to not like lemons, but I much prefer the original phrase the best.

I’ve always tried to be a “make lemonade” person. I’ve been relatively fortunate that I have not received a whole lot of lemons in my lifetime. Like you may have read before, my biggest struggle has been my infertility challenge so during that time I did get handed a few lemons by life on a few different occasions. Even then, I did my best to “make lemonade” and currently have a happy, healthy 7 month old crawling all over me as I try to type this.


You may have noticed that my title does not match what I’ve been discussing thus far and trust me, I do have a reason. You see, around this time of year apples are very abundant in our area. Each year I get super excited to get that first sack of freshly picked apples. By about this time of year, I almost get nauseous just looking at an apple, but just this morning I had to remind myself that apples are a lot like lemons in this sense and instead of making lemonade I should just find something to do with my lovely apples.

For me, part of “making lemonade” also includes being thankful for those lemons. When I look at the three giant bags of apples currently lining the floor of my pantry I remind myself to be thankful. I am thankful that the majority of these apples will be peeled and cut at my grandma and grandpa’s house and then bagged and frozen for my grandma’s delicious homemade pie. I am thankful for these memories with them and even the countless hours spent in the process. I am thankful for my other grandpa, whose tree is where all of the apples come from. I am thankful that he is still healthy enough to go out and pick apples for his entire family and I am secretly very thankful that he refuses help anytime we tell him that we’ll assist him in his picking.

I am thankful I can use the apples to make puree and applesauce for my daughter. I am thankful that she eats so well and has a big appetite for her age. I am thankful I can make apple crisp for my husband and apple chips for me (my favorite!). I am thankful that I have the health and ability to do all these things. I am also thankful that our donkey and my brother’s horses love apple peels and cores so that nothing goes to waste.

Isn’t it funny how one little fruit can bring up so many emotions in me? I try to be thankful year round, but the harvest season reveals to me how abundantly blessed I truly am. Life seems to be much more beautiful when you take the time to be thankful for it all. So the next time someone hands you a lemon (or an apple), make lemonade or apple sauce, but also be thankful for the gift!

I managed to get through the quiz I had accidentally skipped over, but I spent quite a bit of time on it because I didn’t want to commit any silly errors. I’m currently working my way through Quiz 27 slowly as well. You can never be too careful you know! I hope your studies are all going well!


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