Fun with Evaluation and Management Services

By: Annie

A couple weeks ago you may have read about my blunder, which involved skipping Quiz 26 and then having to go back and complete it. I managed to get that done, as well Quiz 27. I am currently working on Quiz 28 and once again I am taking my sweet time.

I really appreciate all the Practice Exercises and Quizzes because of all the practice it offers involving E/M Audit forms and discerning the correct key components for each scenario.


Overall, I enjoy doing this type of coding. It’s not as quick as coding for a procedure would be, but it’s something we will have to know how to do, and by the sounds of the text it is something we’ll be doing quite a lot of in our coding careers. I appreciate that it’s all right in the front of our CPT textbooks so I don’t have to go flipping through the entire book to find them.

I still struggle with some aspects of the audit, but the more practice I get, the easier it has become. There have been a few times that I have come across a scenario that has already been covered in a previous exercise or quiz and I know just what to do to code the scenario correctly.

In the beginning, I did seek the help of the At-Home Professionals instructor quite a bit. Every encounter I’ve had with the instructors so far has been extremely positive. They are so willing to explain each question I have and word it in the way that makes sense. I really appreciate having that tool at my fingertips.

I’m hoping to be done with Course 4 by this time next week. I got my email that my Course 5 materials were on their way, so I have been watching the mail for them. It is such a great feeling to know that soon I’ll be on the final course and nearly done with my program through At-Home Professions.

I might be a little premature, but I’ve also begun looking for remote coding jobs. I haven’t applied for any yet, I just wanted a little exposure to the job market. I also wanted to see if there actually were jobs available for entry-level coders and I found a few different opportunities that looked promising so that was a huge relief to me. I didn’t want to do all this work for nothing so I was very happy to see that.

I hope your studies are all continuing on and that you are getting closer and closer to completion as well!


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