How to Manage Expectations

By: Jessica

Hi everyone – hope you had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family. Did you have time to catch up on any homework?


Did your holiday meet your expectations? Did you expect to have lots of family memories, and laugh as hard as you did? Or did you go into the holiday without any expectations? Sometimes, things turn out completely differently than how we plan them. I have this issue all the time; I always have things all planned out in my mind and know how things are going to go. BUT, it literally never fails, things never turn out the way I picture them in my mind.

This also rings very true for this course. Having taken a similar Medical Billing class in previous years, I figured my AHP program would be easy peezy. Well, needless to say, I was not expecting so much detail in this medical documentation course. I’m sure you’re well aware that there is so much information involved in Medical Billing and Coding. When I first started this program, I thought the coding part of the course would be a breeze. I would look up the medical term and…BOOM! there is  one set-in-stone code. Boy, was I wrong. There are so many different variables that go into coding. Honestly, my mind was blown by how many possible variables there could be. But, if I stop and think about it, our health is made up of many variables, so why would the coding just be plain and simple? That is what I have to keep reminding myself on a daily basis. I have to admit, coding has me at my wits ends at times. But, just like in life, there are so many possibilities and factors that change our plans daily.

My advice is to keep calm, sit back and look at the big picture. I always go back and reread the situation and highlight the clues given in the text. Things cannot always go as planned or life would be SO boring. I know there are days when you mumble to yourself “please just one day let things to fall into place.” I say that at least once a day, if not more. If this course was how I expected, I wouldn’t have learned anything new or wanted to continue on without challenges. I am a firm believer that there is more value in things that are earned.

So, if the course is stressing you out, or you feel like it’s getting too hard and you want to quit – don’t quit!!! Look at the big picture, ask some questions to narrow down an answer, and, as always ask, for help. Someone might be able to answer your question and it will make complete sense to you. Other people may answer and completely confuse the heck out of you. “Expect the unexpected” is the truest quote ever. Enjoy your week and make this the best week ever!


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