By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! Hope you have had a good relaxing weekend and are ready to begin a positive week.  Today I want to bring up the subject of dreams.  Everyone has them and they say very few accomplish them.  That just sounds very horrible that only a few accomplish them.  It boggles my mind that people will let certain negative things get in the way of them accomplishing their dreams.  That is one of the main reasons why I sought out doing online schooling, and the main reason I am seeking a career that I can do from anywhere in the world.  TRAVEL!!! Everyone wants to travel or enjoys travel.  I just feel like I was born to travel, I am a true gypsy at heart.  There is so much out there to explore and learn, Idreams feel like when I stay in one place too long I am missing out on an experience or an adventure.  I have to keep it moving.  I can rest when I die is always the motto I go with.  So what are your dreams?  Is there a place you have always wanted to live?  Where is it and why do you want to live there?  What are some of the things you can do to change in your current lifestyle to accomplish your dreams?  Are these questions something you think about all the time but never act on them?  Don’t let them stay dreams.  Make them accomplishments.  I started this journey with At-Home Professions so that in the future I can build a career that will allow me to get my traveling accomplished while I can still pay bills and create a career that I enjoy as well as a career space that is amazing.  Now I know that there are many other careers that would allow a person to work from home, but this was my passion and something I felt I sincerely wanted to know more about.  So I had to create a plan or a stepping stone of where I want to be and how I want to get there.

  1. Get schooling for a career at home.
  2. Land a job that allows me to work from home.
  3. Create a budget for travel expenses and work expenses.
  4. Make a travel map of places to explore.
  5. Explore these places and blog about the experience.
  6. Enjoy and explore.

Seems simple enough but we all know that life enjoys throwing monkey wrenches into plans all the time.  But this will never stop me from wanting to explore and learn new things.  My ultimate goal is to live in FIJI when I am done exploring.  Unless of course; I explore and find another location that suites my fancy.  So tell me where you want to live. Where is your dream location, is At- Home Professions part of your dream plan or is this just a stepping stone for you to discover what your dreams are?  Write those dreams down and create a plan to turn them into accomplishments.  Enjoy your week.


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