The End is Near!

By: Annie

I remember how anxious I was as my college graduation approached. Luckily, I already had a job lined up so I didn’t have to face the stress of finding something right out of school like many of my friends did. Nevertheless, the feeling of a great experience coming to an end was enough for me to feel a whole spectrum of emotions. I was happy to be done with one chapter, but very excited to see what the future had in store and exactly how I would apply all the lessons I learned while I school.

I feel a very similar feeling about finishing this program. I have definitely settled into my current routine, which consists of caring for my daughter and squeezing as much homework in as I can throughout the day. I’ve really enjoyed this schedule and studying has almost become relaxing for me.


Now, I am looking forward to working instead of studying. I am more than ready to begin contributing to my family financially again and feel like I am making a difference for other people. I am looking forward to my daughter seeing that I was able to accomplish what I set my mind to as she grows older.

The only difference between the end of this program and the end of my college career is the job itself. Before college graduation, I had a job secured. Now, I am just beginning my search for a job. At this point, I think I am going to try and find a job strictly in medical transcription. Eventually, I want to work with diagnostic and procedural codes though because I really enjoy the challenge of coding.

I only have three quizzes left and I am all done with the Health Documentation Specialist Program through At-Home Professions. When I first began this program last April my goal was to be done before my daughter’s first birthday in March. At this point, I think I’ll achieve that goal! I recently quit working at my part-time job so I can focus all my extra attention on my studies and it has really helped me cover more material at a faster pace.

Wherever you are in your studies, I hope they are going well. If you are just beginning, enjoy the experience! If you are close to being done like I am, I hope you, too, are excited for what the future holds for you and your career. Happy studying!


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