A Rough Patch

By: Annie

Last week I covered a lot of material in Course 5. On top of all my other responsibilities, I felt like I was doing really well. The text made sense, the Practice Exercises went really well and the Practice Reports were some of the best I had done so far. I took 2 quizzes in the span of just a couple days and the first came back great, I got an A! Then I took the second quiz, submitted it and expected similar results. That’s far from what happened!


The results I got were not the greatest. I was actually surprised to see my grade! After the shock of the disappointing grade wore off, I sat down and looked through the Quiz to see just where I had gone wrong and I was amazed. There wasn’t any giant error or misunderstanding on my part—it was a bunch of little errors that I could have definitely prevented.

My instructor was very encouraging and helpful. She left me a message at the top of my grade to let me know I needed to keep working hard, refer to my flash terms as needed and check over my quizzes before I submit them. I thought I had, but as I was reviewing my wrong answers it was very apparent to me on one of the reports that I had completely forgotten to proofread. I had one answer I was going to check on and fill in and it completely slipped my mind.

On another quiz I had some words misspelled and they weren’t even terminology from the text, they were simple words I’ve known since I was in high school. I had two letters on another word transposed. By the end of reviewing my quiz, I was really disappointed and frustrated with myself. I knew I could do better, but I was just so tired and ready to get another quiz submitted I hadn’t taken the time to properly review it before I did so.

I’ve done that before in my life so this definitely isn’t a first time experience for me. I get comfortable with a task or project I’m working on and instead of keeping a consistent watchful eye I just assume I know what I’m doing and it comes back to bite me. I’m glad I learned this lesson in practice, though and not after I have a job. This was definitely a good reminder that I always need to be vigilant with my work to make sure I am keeping up to the standard I have set for myself.

I hope your studies are all continuing to go well and that if you had an unpleasant quiz like I recently did, you were able to pinpoint where you went wrong and improve from there! Happy studying!



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