Homework Buddies

By: Jessica

Hello everyone, hope your week is going great so far.  We are already heading into March!!  So today I want to chit chat about study buddies.  I know for me in high school that was a code word to get my parents to let me have a boy over to hang out with.  But there are real ahp-pugs-vs-schoolstudy buddies and they tend to help some people and to some people they are a distraction.  So what is your preference?  To have a study buddy or not to have a study buddy?  What if you have no choice in having a study buddy? Yep you guessed it I have no choice.  And my study buddies are a total distraction.  My pugs! They are so stinking cute but Oooh sooo annoying.

So I am going to think out of the box and talk in3rd personas I am the pugs and this is what they say and think when it is time to do my homework.

Pugs (Boscoe Black one Boo boo Fawn color)

Bark, bark, bark she is going to sit down!!!! This is my chance to jump in her lap and search her for crumbs!!!

Me: Pugs get down please I have to get some work done. I pull out all my homework books, pens pencils and chocolates. Yes I need a treat to do my homework.

Pugs:  Oooh lookie lookie she has those amazing smelling treats that she never shares!  Just maybe just this once I can look cute enough she will give into me! They twirl around in a circle and never let their eyes leave off of my treats.

Me: Yall are so cute but it’s not going to get you any chocolate.  Now go lay down so I can get some work done. They continue to stare at me with their big eyes and smashed little noses.  So of course I have to pick them up and hold them and show them some love.  I put them back down and get ready to start my work.

Pugs: Play time!!! Goes and grabs squeaky toy. Yes mom just loves this sound; she always looks at me like she is going to steal it and squeaky all for herself.  Not this time mom it’s all mine.  But I will let you chase me, if you happen to catch me I may just share, but don’t get your hopes up.  Can’t catch me. Nom squeak nom….

Me: Lord help me to get some work accomplished today!

Pugs: Well she isn’t paying attention to me, I should just take a little nap before I have to wake her up at 2 am to go outside and search around for possums.

Ha-ha so yes this is what I normally go through when I need to sit down and actually get some work done.  Yes I could just lock them out of my office, but that is a whole different game for them.  In which paws are coming through the bottom of the door and a sad little whine is to be had by all.  The whining will not stop unless that door is opened. What we do for the love of our fur babies. Have a good week and enjoy your little study buddies.


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