Finding a Connection

By: Annie

I haven’t had Internet for three days now and I am going crazy! You wouldn’t believe how much I rely on the Internet in my every day life. Facebook, email, Instagram, doing my homework and submitting quizzes, paying bills, my bank wifi-connection-symbol-vector-fileaccount, shopping and I could go on and on, it seems like everything I do involves the Internet.

It was so strange to feel so disconnected to the outside world. So many of my connections—friends, family and colleagues—are connected to me through the Internet. I was still in the same state and even some of the same cities, but I might as well have been up in the mountains without running water and I’d feel just as desolate.

I may be exaggerating a tad bit here, but my experience of being disconnected reminds me of a conversation I had with a family friend not so long ago. She was also worked doing medical transcription and she is retired now. She told me that when she worked they had to use shorthand. I was amazed just listening to her describe how she did her job, which essentially was the same job I was studying to do and how different it was then and now. It was really quite interesting. It definitely makes one appreciate all of the modernized techniques we are able to utilize now like computers and equipment that slows down, rewinds, and fast-forwards recordings.

I was also thinking how much the occupation is changing right before my eyes. Now doctors can dictate their notes and voice recognition software will automatically type up the transcription. It’s insane how fast technology advances and how what we thought was the “best way” suddenly becomes obsolete.

These past few days have definitely opened my eyes to how fast things change and how techniques that once were new and exciting are now “the old way.”

My studies have essentially stalled. In the hassle of moving and trying to take care of a now-walking 11-month-old I haven’t had any extra time. I am hoping to be settled in by next week and wrapping up my studies. Then, I’ll finally be able to start applying for my long sought after career!



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