When in a Pinch

By: Jessica

Hi everyone hope you have had a great weekend. Are you prepared for the week ahead? Have you accomplished everything on your list from the weekend? If you are anything like me you may have gotten half of your list accomplished and nothing that needs to get done. But that is how I do my best work is all rushed and stressed out. Well not always. And I do not recommend rushing anything at all. But if you happen to be in a pinch and need to accomplish a whole lot of things in a small amount of time here are some tips and tricks to check out….

  • Always start with the biggest project first. This means you will have more time but also if you get stuck or need to take a break you can also work on another project. I always feel like i am killing two birds with one stone.
  • If you take a break start prepping for the next project. This helps give your brain a break from the current activity and get it back into go go go mood.
  • Once you get a project done take a very quick break like literally take a brisk walk outside and grab a healthy snack like nuts fruit or veggies.
  • Make a task list and keep it near you or visible it will be a subtle reminder all the time. I enjoy crossing things off my list and then taking a break or a nap lol.
  • For homework or school work I always read all the questions at the end of each chapter before I start a chapter that way I know what I am looking for and can understand what and why I am reading.
  • As you find the answers jot them down. It does not hurt to understand the highlighted or bold terms in each chapter. This really does come in handy when the test comes around.
  • Before I take the test I like to quickly go through each chapter leading up to the test and read all the questions and answers just so my mind is refreshed.
  • Any notes I have taken are seriously my cheat sheets for understanding the chapters specially if I have a question to ask my instructor I read through my notes first just to make sure that the answer is not in there so I do not feel silly.
  • Highlighting special tips in your workbook or just making note of them have saved me several times.
  • If you do not purchase the actual book copy and just use the computer version I would just cut and paste in note pad or word. That way you can just switch tabs and have all your work laid out.

I hope that some if not all of these tips help you with being in a pinch. Staying on top of homework and work life and family life is a complete balancing act. But it feels so good when you are ahead of the game. So stay afloat and enjoy your week.


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