Spring Break

By: Jessica

Hi everyone!! Hope you had a fantastical week. I got a lot of work done at home. So the game plan for this week is to catch up on my studies. Yea I know shame on me. Definitely not happy about letting things slide but I am on spring break now. Of course Motherahp-spring-break-blog-post Nature cursed me with sickness of evil. Aka pneumonia. So I guess I will be doing things from my phone and locked in my room. Nothing like being sick on vacation. But we will just roll with it. I am literally having the hardest time with course 4. But I have yet to tap into my resources such as other student’s, instructors and study partners.  Here is my plan…

  • Get all my schools supplies together.
  • Have all my creature comforts such as Kleenex, glasses, and medicine.
  • Hire a servant lol aka my hubster.
  • Make a list of questions as I read along in the workbook.
  • If I cannot answer the questions as I read along I will reach out to my resources.
  • Complete at least 2 tests and halfway point of the course.
  • Most of all get some rest.

As much as we try to accomplish we all have those days where we literally want to turn into toddlers stomp our feet and say I don’t want to. That’s a perk of being a toddler.  But as an adult we have to suck it up buttercup. I really just want my Grandma to come make me feel better with her magic powers so I can just power through this course.

Have you gotten stuck on this same course? Have you felt like giving up yet? This month of April don’t forget that the more assignments you complete the more money you make. What other school will pay you to complete assignments? That’s right a free $100.00 if you complete 10 assignments this month. So if you’re on the fence about joining the At-Home Professions school take that perk into consideration. Plus you have all your school supplies right in your phone or tablet or laptop. It’s very versatile. And here at At-Home Professions no one will ever rush you. It’s completely at your own pace.  So what are you waiting for jump aboard?

Back to Spring break. We don’t have holidays really when we are going to school online. We just have days when the staff such as instructors have days off but they always reply to my emails within a day or two. Nothing to stress about. So with that being said will you find the motivation to join? Will you out do your goals for the month of April to earn that extra cash? You know what I think that money for the month of April is just the push I need. Or maybe being sick helps keep me in bed to finish my homework instead of out lolly gagging around. Either way stay positive and push through. Til next week.


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