The Finish Line

By: Annie

I am so excited and happy to say I have completed the fifth and final course in the Healthcare Documentation Specialist program offered by At-Home Professions. Although I had hoped to be completed with the program in a much shorter time, I was still able to finish it all just short of a year!thefinishline

Although this past year was a very happy one with the birth of my daughter and many new experiences with her, it has also been a very challenging year for me. I won’t go into detail, but a lot of necessary changes have occurred and looking back I would definitely say they are changes for the better. A lot of these changes affected my ability to concentrate on my studies so they suffered and not much progress was made during some of the more stressful times.

I decided to title this blog “the finish line,” after much thought about what completing this program means to me. When someone competes in a race they train and focus on that specific race. All of their energy is put into that particular event, but once that race is completed the work begins all over again. Most athletes will not just run one race and be done for the rest of their lives. The race is a part of them and as soon as they are done with one race they will often begin focusing on the next race immediately.

I find a lot of similarities in my situation with this metaphor. Completing the program through At-Home Professions was the current race I was training for. I thought about studying and what I learned all the time. I reflected often how every day scenarios would relate to what I was learning at the moment and how it might apply in my future career. Much like athletes dedicate their attention and time to their race, I dedicated my time and attention to completing my courses.

Now that I am done I am certainly not stopping. I completed this program, but now I have a new goal—that being employment and doing all of these tasks that I just spent nearly a year learning about. I am now training for my next race, so although I have crossed one finish line, I am not done yet!

I hope your studies are all going well and that you are close to completing whatever race you are currently on! Just remember, as long as you keep moving you will get closer and closer to the finish line!


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