Biggest lesson Learned

By: Jessica

Hi guys! Hope you had a great week.  I know I am ready for a complete do over.  Yep I am still sick and have been in the hospital, but that is not going to get in my way.  I am just plugging away at my homework.  And you know what all these nurses are super helpful, and they know there stuff!! I am loving it.  I have pneumonia but I no longer have a fever at the moment so I thought I would get some blogging done for the week.

So as soon as the doctor told me that I had phenomena what did I do?  Yep I looked it up along with the side effects and specifically the treatments. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to needles.   So if you can just picture a grown woman screaming about having an IV put in yep that is me.  I try my best to avoid those situations at all costs.  But all the nurses and the doctors thought it was neat that I was all about learning about my condition.  And they all remember the books all too well they said.  So just a little hint.  Go hang out at a hospital with your study books and ask any nurse or doctor and they will flock to you like a sugar to ants.  Ok enough of that….

So what is your Biggest lesson learned?  Mine is chances not taken.  I was supposed to move to Florida the day I graduated with a few of my cousins and couldn’t leave my ex boyfriend behind.  At least that was my excuse then.  To this very day I always wondered how my life would have changed to this day.  I regret not taking the chance before I settled and got married.  But I know that if my husband said tomorrow let’s move to the south my bags could be packed in literally 5 minutes no questions asked.  Life is all about taking chances.  Yes there are consequences to everything you choose to do, but there are also great rewards to and so many people to meet.  If you get a chance to try something new always take it.  I look at it like it is something you haven’t tried and another thing to have on your resume or something to tell your future children or grandchildren.  My great grandpa took all of us kids to the BMX track and rode a mountain bike with a baby seat on the back with me in it. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.  It was a blast and to see my old paw paw out there tearing up that track was awesome.  If this certificate isn’t what you want to do in life, then at least you have the experience and the schooling under your belt to fall back on.  Try something else you may be interested in, there is no limit in learning ever and no one can ever take that away from anyone.  Knowledge is power. So go out and try new things this week.  Enjoy!


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