By: Jessica

Hi Everyone!  I am feeling sooo much better and I am back to my normal self again.  Thank goodness.  So with that being said, how many of you use technology on a daily basis?  I am pretty sure that all of us use some type of technology everyday whether it is a cell phone, computer, tablet, or internet.  There is so much around us; most of us have just grown up with it so it does not even affect us in a way we would even notice.  I know what you are thinking… who doesn’t use technology.  You would be surprised how many ahp-technology-postpeople refuse to use it or even have possession of it.

So what type of gadgets can you use for schooling?  For me I use multiple depending on what the assignment or the project it is that I am doing.  That is another great thing about At-Home Professions.  You can sync your classes to your cell phone, tablet, or the computer.  They also offer a hard copy of the actual assignments and books.

So when I use my tablet it is usually for me just to read the chapters.  I don’t mind the tablet it is just easier for me to use the desktop because the screen is so much bigger.  I also use my desktop to download any programs we may need to use for assignments too.  I try to use the desktop as much as possible because once I am on the job we will be in front of a computer.

I use my cell phone to check my grades and emails from the school, and also to write these blogs at times because I am on constantly on the go.

I do not have a smart watch but I think I would just use it to check my grades and maybe send an email to the instructor to ask a question or something quick like that because the screens are very small.

So with all the technology at our finger tips, what is your favorite go to tech gadget?  I love having all these options because I seriously can be on the go and pick up right where I left off.  But I am super Old school and like to have the physical books in my hand.  The reason I always order the books is so that I can work and highlight in them.  Also they will be a great reference for me when I am in the actual job.  They do charge a little extra for the books but I feel the extra $30.00 per section is well worth the extra reference for the future.

So what do you think about this technology at our finger tips?  Will you try using another device this week to do your school work?  Have a great week and keep up the great work.



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