7 Things You Learned as a Child

By: Jessica

Good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to get outside and enjoy yourselves. Did you feel excited and happy like a when you were a kid last Friday? I know I did. That’s kind of what I want to talk about this week. Are there things you learned during childhood that you still use today? I totally remember being in math class doing algebra thinking, “how in the world will I ever use this in everyday life?” So here is a list of 7 things that I use today that I learned when I was a child:

GetFileAttachment-11. If you fall get back up and try again. You know that saying your parents gave you when they didn’t want to hear you cry and whine. Get back on and try again. In adult life it’s called trial and error. I use this all the time. Even now with AHP, you have to find and search for things that work for you.

2. The golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. This will get you far in life. Now, I know it’s hard to do when you’re driving – believe me, I know – but it really does work. I wish more people would try it.

3. Get your schoolwork and chores done before play. I hate this one to this day. But it helps keep me on course. I feel like, as an adult, it’s more like “pay your bills before you use play money.”

4. Pick up your toys. Everything has a place. Yes, as a child everything had its place under my bed. I always knew what side to shove it under. As an adult I am always telling my husband everything has a specific place in order to keep our home looking nice and tidy. Then I realize I sounds like my parents. Growing up is no fun!

5. Make sure to eat a big breakfast. My mom and grandma always said this. You never know when you will get a chance to eat lunch when you are busy. This stands true. I get so busy I forget to eat until my stomach rumbles angrily. I always make sure to pack a snack, too.

6. Don’t talk to strangers. Well, I try not to talk to anyone before I have had my coffee. I am not a very peppy person in the morning. But now that we are older my parents are always telling me to go out and meet new people. The world is full of strangers but they will stay strangers unless you get to know them well. Hmm… trust your gut feeling when it comes to meeting new strangers, even if it is your boss.

7. Knowledge is power. If this isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is. The more knowledge you gain the more aware of things you are. The more degrees or certificates you have the more opportunities will be available to you.

Think about your childhood and what lessons could help you learn more in your everyday life. Life is what you make it. Enjoy your week and see you next week!


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