That Successful Feeling

By: Jessica

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the week. I had a great weekend and have accomplished a lot as far as my homework. I am feeling pretty good. You know when you get a bunch of stuff crossed off your to-do list – or even everything off your list? It makes me feel like a million bucks! Let’s talk about that!

Have you completed a course with flying colors? When I was on a roll with my first two courses, I literally finished them in a week. Then I got a C on one of my quizzes and I freaked out. I thought, “Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into?” But after calming down and going back over my mistakes, I realized I just need to slow down and read everything slowly to ensure I comprehend things. If you haven’t already guessed by now, I am very impatient with life. I want everything here and now. Life and school do not work that way, as I am learning this the hard way. I do believe I have a good grasp on the material now. I have slowed WAY down. Almost to the point that it’s too slow.

Jessica 7-24

I am in the middle of my summer here in Michigan – we really only get 3, maybe 4, months of warm weather, so I love to be outside and on the beach as much as possible. But as you have read in the previous blog, I have set a specific time frame that I commit to doing my schooling every single day. Monday through Friday 7am to 1pm. Do you know how hard that is to stick to when you have so many friends and family begging you to go to the beach or on random vacations? It is very hard. To be honest, I have caved several times already but I have always either brought my work with me or made sure that when I came home I spent the extra time and got it completed so that I can stay on track.

So, what do you feel like when you are successful? Do you celebrate? When I feel successful I feel accomplished, like I’ve gotten something done that I wanted to get done in record time. By record time I mean before the time that it is due. I love to beat my GPS. If my GPS has an ETA of 4:30 pm, I have to get there any time before 4:30pm or I do not consider that success. We judge ourselves harshly. I know that for a fact because we are the only ones that know what we are capable of doing. So, with that being said, I encourage you to make a goal for this week and exceed it. Then right in your journal or even comment below as to how that made you feel. Did you feel successful? Have a great week!


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