Addressing Back-to-School Concerns

By: Jessica

Hi everyone! Welcome back to a new week! I hope you had a great relaxing weekend. Today is all about addressing concerns you may have had before you took the leap to go back to school. I’ll also pose the question of whether your concerns have gone away after completing the courses. I know that when you are going to make some type of change in your life or transition there are always lot of “what ifs” and concerns. Do you make a road map of pros and cons or are you the type of person that just jumps in with both feet and enjoys the adventure?

I am the type of person that has to go through every detail before I can make a determined decision. Now my husband, on the other hand, he is a jump all in, no reservations type of guy. I will be the first to say his way is much more fun. But, as always, it depends on the situation, also. For example, if you are just trying to decide what to do for the day on a vacation, I say pick something you have never done and just go with it and enjoy the experience. Vacation time is never wasted! But, on the other hand, if you are choosing to change careers or go back to school, to me that is a significant change and it will always need some research and planning.

Jessica 8-8So, my concern with choosing to do medical documentation was whether I would enjoy the work,  if it was something I could do long-term and whether there would be a need for the position long-term. Those are the 3 questions I asked the AHP representative at the initial seminar. I also chose to look up these questions on other sites, such as Glassdoor, to ensure there was a need. I was very surprised to see that there was a huge need and it has only grown more since I have been in the program. On most of those sites you can also see what the average income level is for different positions. Obviously, if you are going to go to school and invest in something, you want to make sure that you will be making your money back and then some!

Now that I have almost completed the program, do I still have the same concerns? I personally don’t. I know that there is a need for the position because I have already applied to 4 different offices and I have gotten 6 calls from different companies wanting to know when I will complete the program! They want to fill their position ASAP! That is the best feeling, knowing that employers are actively searching for medical documentation specialists. Does that add a sense of urgency for me to complete the program? Absolutely!

Keep in mind, if you have concerns, do some research until you feel comfortable with the answers. Use different resources, also. Then, if you’re getting favorable answers, I say dive in! Change is not a bad thing, that’s been the hardest thing for me to learn to date. I hope you have a fantastic week! See you next time!


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