My Study System

By: Jessica

Good morning everyone! I hope you have had an amazing weekend filled with fun and relaxation! Here is to another great week! This week is all about making your school life a little bit easier. I will also add in some things that will help outside of the school life into regular everyday life. So let’s get started!

I know that everyone organizes and learns differently. But here are some of the ways that I like to stay organized. In Course Four, there quite a few tables and what I like to call cheat sheets. I found that these are very helpful and I knew that I could use them in the future when it comes to Medical Billing. So I made copies and put cute borders around them and just made them my own. Then I put them in clear sheets with 3 hole punches in them and created a binder. I labeled the binder Helpful Tips. Here is a list of the tables that I have in the binder:

1. Number of Diagnosis and Management Options

2. Data to be Reviewed Table

3. Risk of Complications and/or Morbidity or Mortality.

4. Quick Reference Guide to E/M Coding

I also made a page for each. You can put them back to back if you need to save space but I just like to put tabs on the edges, so I can just flip right to each table. I get those post-it sticky tabs that you can write on. Some other things I have in my binder are the photos from the Anatomy and Physiology book, like the quadrants and specific body functions, the decision tree for new and established patients from the CPT book. That book also has great big photos of body functions. Yes, of course, you will have the books with you, but like I said before I like to just quickly flip to a tab. You could also use the sticky tabs in your books to help you flip to them quickly.

Weekend design.

Another thing I did was buy a plastic photo organizer. Mine came with 12 photo cases. They are the perfect size for small note cards. I labeled each note card with the course number, chapter number, and the page numbers. So now I have all my important notes that have helped with the passed test and quizzes. They all fit in one box. Now this may look silly carrying this into your new office, but I am 100% positive you will refer back to your notes at some point in your first few weeks. Also, in my binder I like to have a pencil case with the 3-hole-punch and a zipper so I can keep extra sticky tabs and a few pens and markers. Post-it notes are also handy so I can mark pages I find helpful to either take notes from or make copies to put in the binder if I don’t have the time at the moment. I hope this helps you in your studies. I encourage you to make it yours and find your unique system that works for you. Enjoy your week and keep going, you got this!


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