How to Deal with Coding Frustration

By: Jessica

Hi everyone! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine has been good, but not without some frustration. Everyone has some frustration when it comes to learning something new. It’s all about how you handle it and learn from it. So that’s what I will try and bring to the table today – some tips and tricks to getting the frustration out and manage it.

When it comes to medical coding, there are so many different factors to getting the correct code. So, if you are like me and like to just have one or two options, then coding will definitely frustrate you. Another factor is that not all the doctors who write the claims are the same; every single one of them has a different way to do it. There’s no one way to read them but there are ways around it. That is exactly what this course prepares you for, which is great.

Jessica 8-21

Here’s where I, specifically, got so frustrated. We learned the way to complete a claims form back in Course 2, but then as the courses went on we were focusing mainly on coding, but not with the claims form. So because I didn’t go back regularly and review my material, I literally had to relearn how to create a claim and learn all the different tabs in the Medlock program!

Tips to Avoid Frustration:

1. Stay calm – I know, it’s easier said than done, but it really does help.

2. Reread the chapter that you may need help in.

3. Make sure to check for the tutorial videos online.

4. Instant message or email your instructor.

5. Call the help line.

6. Make sure you read the entire medical report and highlight the important information you will need to find the correct code.

7. If you are still not finding the code then maybe you are looking for the wrong underlying issue. I will then go back and reread the medical report to see if there is another word to look up for the code. This has helped me so many times.

8. Make sure to check for modifiers and extra digits.

9. Read all the directions under the code, too. There are lots of good hints and directions to take you to the right code.

Don’t stress, you will get it down. It is not something that is learned in one night, unless you’re some type of special genius. I have talked to the medical billers in my actual doctors office and they said it is much easier to code for a doctor than learning to code for every type of doctor because most of the codes you will use consistently and daily! So have no fear, tackle it as best as you can, and learn from each wrong answer. Bring those questions to your instructors. Remember, they have been through this same course and there’s a chance they, too, once had the same question. Also, when you figure out your tricks and tips to make coding easier on yourself, write them down or highlight them so you have your very own reference sheet or cheat sheet. Have a great week and keep on going. The end is near!

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