A New Chapter

By: Jessica

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! I know that here in Michigan summer is quickly coming to an end. With that being said, I am beginning the final course of the Healthcare Documentation Specialist program. My mind is dead set on a new chapter in my life with this new career. Have you ever just been so sick of your current situation and wanting a change so bad? But yet you have no idea where to begin? Well, let me help you out a little bit by recommending that you just begin! Literally, just start with one small change. Even if it’s not the way it should be or where you should start, once you get started it will all fall into place. Keep in mind your new venture should be something that you are excited and curious to learn about!

Now that I’m starting my final course, I am literally so ready to open new doors for a new career. I have taken my time in learning this course material, and believe me, this course is a challenge, but it also shows how much work and dedication those in the healthcare documentation field put in on a daily basis. Learn about the healthcare field as a beginner can be one big, confusing mess. With any new beginning everyone has fears and jitters. I am currently getting them and I have yet to finish.


On my last test, I realized how much information I had already forgotten from the first few courses. Good thing I have filed each course with my notes and tests. I cannot stress that enough. Do not just toss all your completed work away thinking you are done. The medical field is constantly changing, so it is always nice to have notes and references to look back on.

What are you most looking forward to when you’re finished? What does your new chapter look like? Is there anything holding you back from achieving your goals? If you do have concerns or questions do not hesitate to reach out to student services or even fellow students. Everyone here is more than willing to help!

On my last test there were questions from the first course and I was drawing a blank and couldn’t think for the life of me! So I went back to my first course book and looked at the table of contents and found the section I needed. See? The perfect example of never giving up on searching for the correct answer. In a way, I feel like that is one of the many things this course has taught me. There is always an answer. It may not always be right in front of your face and you may have to do some digging and searching, but it’s there. Sometimes there is more than one answer which makes me super uneasy. Just like in life, there can be so many choices or paths to take. The good thing is, if the path you are on is not the one that you want than you can always choose another. Hope you have a fantastic week!!! Keep completing those goals!

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