Facebook Status 2018

By: Jessica

Good morning! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend – if you are in Texas, I am hoping that you are safe and getting any help you may need. This week I would like to chat about what you would like your Facebook status to be in 2018. Yes, I know I am getting ahead of myself with 2018, but it is right around the corner. I know I am going to finally be posting about completing my HDS course! But I would also like to add a new job for 2018. So, what will you like to have a status? What are you striving for while you are part of the At-Home Professions student body?

Jessica 9-5Whether you are just beginning a course or just finishing up, you have a lot to be proud of because you are setting goals and working to complete them. Look back on how you came to this spot in your life. I look back and see the stacks of books and lots of papers with notes and all my terminology, and cannot believe I have accomplished that much. It has been a struggle for me to balance home, work, and school life. Most people think that when you do online classes it is all easy breezy. Well, yes, in a way it is easy to just turn on your desktop, laptop, or even your cell phone and begin to do your homework. But what we do not think of is that you are home and you can think of a million and one things that need to be done besides your schoolwork.

Also, everyone has that one friend or family member who always says, “hey, you are home all day, could you do this for me?” So, you have to be very strict with your time and plans. I had no issues planning my study time, it was just hard for me to sit down and actually focus on schoolwork. There are times when I would be in the office moving right along on schoolwork and I would get a knock on the door or a phone call, and then it was three hours later before I got myself back to the homework. If you are easily distracted I suggest doing your homework at a library or just hide out somewhere with wi-fi!

So back to the topic of Facebook statuses, do you think that when you post a status about going back to school or having completed school it will rub off on others to create a new goal for themselves? Facebook is a great social tool. If you think about it, you see people go on a vacation and it looks awesome! So, in turn, you take a vacation similar to that or go to that same vacation spot, right? Before I close this blog post, I would like to say that I hope you have many positive Facebook statuses in 2018 and strive to keep learning new things. Be a positive influence in 2018! See you next week!

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