Study Spaces

By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! Hope you have had a great weekend. This week I’m talking about the spaces where you accomplish the most work. Is there a specific space in your home where you get the most work done? Or is there a space outside of your home where you can always accomplish more work than when you are at home? I think that, yes, when we are at our daily jobs, there is more work that is accomplished. I can accomplish more at home as long as I am home alone. I always have that feeling that I need to be considerate to those that are home and to be quiet to not interrupt them. Plus, I know for a fact my husband just likes to throw me off my game plan just to mess with me. I’ll get into a project or something I have needed to get done and he will always find that perfect time to ask me where something is or what’s for dinner. So, of course, I get side tracked.

Jessica 9-11

Are there family members that hover around you when you start to do your homework? I have a sister who likes to be in the room with anyone home. She does not like to be alone. She will literally sit in the room with me while I do homework and play on her phone or watch me like a hawk. The watching me drives me crazy because I know she is silently being a grammar police and or looking for any mistakes I have made. I also can’t do any homework in my bedroom. I swear if I even open my book in there I start to yawn. I accomplish nothing when I am in my room unless it’s watching a TV series or movie, and even then I am lucky to get through an entire movie without falling asleep.

So here are my tips for getting things accomplished:

  1. Plan a time when you can be home alone or have a quiet room to yourself.
  2. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish.
  3. Turn on some upbeat music if what you’re doing has to do with cleaning. If it has to do with homework I would recommend low volume elevator music. When I play music with lyrics that I know it is always harder for me to concentrate on what I am reading because I start to sing along with the music and have a tendency to dance. Yeah, not a great idea when you are trying to finish up your homework.
  4. Do not sit down if you are cleaning.
  5. Put your Facebook and other social media apps on silent. Those dang social media apps are very time consuming and addictive.
  6. Make sure there’s lots of sunlight and a table for homework. Also, I get a lot of homework done if I have a space that is tidy and clean. If not, I am going to spend some of my homework time cleaning.

So I hope you find your perfect space where you can accomplish all you have been wanting. I will see you next week!

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