How to Create an At-Home Command Center

By: Jessica

Jessica 9-26Hello everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. This week is going to be a great week. Because, let me tell you, I am going to get you all squared away and have you using a whole new system to keep you on track. One of the biggest excuses for not going back to school or even finishing up school is that no one has the time. Do you know why most of us have no time or, at the most, very little time? Americans spend up to 60 minutes a day looking for things they have lost. Have you had this problem? I am constantly looking for my keys and my debit card. So, if this is you and you never have the time to accomplish things that you would like to in a day, I have some tips to get you organized and help you save an hour or more a day. My new solution to losing stuff and trying to remember what I need to be doing to stay on task is called a COMMAND CENTER. It is something that everyone can do.

Here’s the supplies you need:

  • A decent sized white board – at least the 8X10
  • Metal or wood file organizer
  • Folders with tabs, I recommend the plastic ones in case they get wet
  • Baskets big enough for paper to fit in
  • Small buckets or bins to fit scissors, pens, and tape in
  • A nice sized calendar
  • Small table or stand with space for baskets or some drawers.

You can get most of this in your home already, dollar stores or the dollar center at Target. I also get a school book organizer to keep track of my assignments and tests that need to be done, but you can keep track of that in your At-Home Professions online student account, too.


Make sure to put all your appointments, activities, bills due, and other important dates on your calendar. I color code each one to each person in the family. I let my husband write all his stuff in first so I can plan around what he has going on.


I use these for specific coupons – for restaurants, specific stores, and one for groceries. Another folder holds invitations to parties, showers and any events that I may need the invitation for for directions or contacts. Another use would be for the papers that need to be signed and returned to school for kids.

Buckets and Baskets

I use these for pens, scissors, tape, staplers, and keys. I keep one basket for my purse with my sunglasses or mittens for the winter. I also have a basket for lunch boxes. Another basket holds office supplies and bill stuff.

I also have a charging station setup in my command center so when I first come in the door I put my phone on the charger so that I am not distracting myself with Facebook or other texts that can get me off task of the things I need to get done.

White Board

For quick notes to the family, and reminders for yourself.

This makes for a convincing center to accomplish a lot in a quick amount of time. A healthy balance for work, home, and school. Have a great week and get started on your command center!

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