By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! This week is all about flexibility.  We use flexibility everyday.  Some of us more than others.  When I am talking about flexibility, when it comes to At Home flex.jpgprofessions of course, we love the flexibility of studying from our home.  But also in this course there are several other job opportunities that will be open after the completion of your certificate.  You could also choose to go on and get your associates degree, and even further than that, there is no limit in knowledge.  But there are other opportunities that are opened also such as secretarial – transcription for other things than just medical.  There are several others to list but I am sure you get the big picture.

To be honest that is why I personally chose this course, for the flexibility it offers to be at home instead of a classroom.  But also in the fact that I could have the building blocks for other careers.  Of course in today’s economy you can never feel too safe in any position.  I lost my job 4 years ago after being let go after 15 years because of budget cuts. I was mortified and also wrong in thinking that I was always going to have a place in that company.  So from that day forward I have said that I would continue to always have more than two different streams of income.  I will never be put in that position ever again. I want to be job friendly with the flexibility to juggle multiple positions so that I am indispensible.  Everyone wants job security.  The only way to guarantee your security is to keep your skills and assets up to date.  Always continue to learn and sharpen your skills.  Think of yourself as technology.  Your computer is literally upgradable in less than a year – it’s that quick.  My advice is to get learning.  Now I am not saying to make your career as a college student.  But continue to learn things such as watching videos on YouTube, or even checking to see what classes may be offered by local businesses in your area.  Also, another resource would be your employer.  Ask them if they would offer more training on something you want to learn.  Let them know that you are all about being an asset to the company and willing to do the work to show it.

Flexibility is also how you can spend your time with family, work, and school.  We all know that our time is always spread very thin within the 24 hours in a day already, and work takes most of our time.  But it is possible to do it.  There are plenty of students that do it yearly.  It all depends on how badly you want something.  With that being said, I hope you have an enjoyable week and a may your weekend be fantastic.  See you next week.

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