By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! Hope you have had a great week and weekend.  The weather here in Michigan was fantastic it was 78 and sunny.  I got to spend time with my family and get some orchard time in with yummy donuts and cider.  That is what I would like to chat about today is HAPPINESS!  I am sure you are all well aware of all the negative stuff on social media and the news.  It’s overwhelmingly negative.  It is very rare to see happy things on the news and on social media.  Let’s get positive!  SO my question to you is what makes you happy?  Why types of changes in your life can you do to turn your negatives into positives?


From my experience I was a very unhappy and negative person with my old job.  I literally would be the grumpiest person in the morning I couldn’t even stand myself.  I was so unhappy with my job and how I let myself go health wise.  I would call in sick at least 2 times a month if not more.  I was an absolute miserable person to be around.  I felt stuck in a dead end job and just plain unhealthy.  I had been at the same job for over 15 years and was making less than $20 an hour.  I literally focused on that daily.  Why do people focus solely on finances?  I took a day to myself and went to a favorite spot on a lake near my house and put my kayak in the water and paddled and paddled and cried.  I got so tired and I just looked at myself in the reflection of the water and got mad.  I decided right then and there that I was not going to be this ugly negative person.  On the drive home I decided I was going to figure out something that I was passionate about and pursue it.  Literally that following Monday I got let go from my job.  After packing all my belongings and going home to tell my family, I had a long talk with myself that this was happening because I needed the change.  I got home and started applying for jobs like a crazy person.  But looking at my resume I knew I needed to get some extra training and experience under my belt.  I kept getting these fliers from AT-HOME Professions.  I decided that I was going to do it.  I took a leap and here I am!! I haven’t regretted it at all.  I did get my job back, but within the last month I put in my resignation and have moved on to work from home doing what I love.  I work from home for a top Fortune 500 CEO as a secretary and coordinator.  It is my passion to be organized and efficient.  I am currently striving to become a medical biller from home.  So, reach for your happiness and let it shine through!  Have a great week and write down 5 things everyday that make you happy.

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