Homework Storage

By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic week and are ready to tackle a whole new one!  But guess what…Halloween is here so that is a treat in its self.  It is one of my favorite holidays!  So this week is all about how and where you should store your homework.  Because let’s face it, we have animals and possible children that like the taste of our homework sometimes.  Plus there are always the accidental sticky fingers or Storage-blog-post.jpgspills.  So I like to keep my homework as far away from those types of things as much as possible.

There are tons of ways to store your homework.  I have actually changed between three or four already. It is all what works best for you.  I would just like to share my ideas and experiences so far.  Let’s begin with what made me have to make sure that my homework is put in a safe spot.  So I have a young pup that thinks that if I have anything I touch he thinks that it is actually his too or he is like a child and thinks that if it is something I like he has to take it from me and tease me with it.  I had a packet with my tests in it. He got it off my table and bolted through my screen door at 4 am in the morning while I am in my pjays chasing him around the yard looking like a crazy person.  Needless to say the papers were soaking wet from the dew on the ground which made them shred with every little shake he took so that is why I came up with the basket storage.  I keep a square basket large enough to hold a magazine box.  In the magazine box I put all my tests and paperwork and in the bottom of the basket I just lay my texts books and study materials.  I also attached a chalk board label to the front of each basket so I can label them and know where to look for future references.  I used to store my school materials in the boxes they were shipped in, and I would just write on the boxes with sharpies. This worked fine, but I prefer the look of baskets that go with my office décor.  I am debating hanging file boxes on the wall.  Since we only get 5 shipments I know for sure that I could fit 5 boxes on my wall and have them in order.  I would absolutely suggest labeling them.  I know in my last few tests I have had to go back and reference some of the material in the 1st and 2nd workbooks, so it is nice to have them accessible to use as reference.  Just do what works best for you.  But for sure keep the stuff away from small children and animals.  So I hope you have a productive and successful week.  Until next week, hope you had a fantastic and safe Halloween!

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