Holiday Study Tips

By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic weekend and are ready to start a new week.  I can tell you one thing that I was not ready for was this cold northern air.  But I doubt that anyHoildaysone is ever ready for the arctic burst.  So with that being said there are so many family obligations and fun things to start for the holiday season.  With so much to be done and so much to do with friends and family, where does that leave any time for homework?

To tell you the truth there is never enough time in the day to do your homework.  But we have to schedule it in and continue to stick to a routine or we will never get any homework accomplished.  At least I know that is how I would be.  I tend to stick homework on the back burner far too many times.  So I have my calendar with notifications set every morning that I need to do homework from 7am till 10 am Monday through Friday.  Now around the holidays I am very flexible with that schedule because there is seriously not enough time in the day for me to accomplish the things that need to get done in the week.  So I do change the schedule up quite a bit in holiday season.  But I have always stuck to Sunday mornings from 7 am till 10 am no matter what.  Yes, I really hate getting up that early on a Sunday.  It is just routine for me to have a day to accomplish things I was not able to get done during the week.  I am a procrastinator when it comes to working on things that get too overwhelming so if I tackle them a little at a time it really helps.

Another thing I love to do before the holidays is get ahead of things I know that build up super fast.  So if I get ahead at least 5 chapters I am good for a week of slacking off.  Having that Sunday morning to myself in my quiet office helps me to take that time for myself and enjoy a hot cup of cider and just relax and get my brain going for the day.  It sets the tone for my Sunday.  I also made a sign for my door so that my family knows when I am studying and I am not available unless it is an emergency. Keep that cell phone in a different room so that you are not tempted to get off track.  Remember all habits take at least 2 weeks of constant practice before they are formed.  Are there any other tips that help you personally?  Have any of you tried to reach out to others in the school community to be your study buddy?

Now let’s have a bit of fun.  Comment below what is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?  Mine has always been going around the table and each person stating what they are thankful for that year.  Have a great week and see ya next week!

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