By: Jessica

Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a great week before the holiday crazy starts!!! I am super excited I finished my Christmas shopping Sunday…first time ever I did not have all my gifts wrapped and under the tree before December.  I literally normally shop the day after Christmas and continue through the year and I have everything done by NovemberTraditions2 and wrapped and ready to go.  This year has been a challenge for me with a new career and continuing to go to school.  But it has been a great year.  Today is all about traditions.  Do you have a favorite tradition you like to do with your family?  What is that tradition and will you continue to carry it on through the years?  Do you have a traditional way of doing your school work?

No one thinks of school work as a tradition, I know.  But if you look at it there are so many traditional things that have not changed in years.  Such as there is always a study period and there is always a test or quiz at the end.  One tradition of school work that I have always found to be helpful to me is note taking and following an agenda.  I have a scheduled day, literally hourly, with my new Career but it helps me to accomplish so many different things in one day.  Of course there are always things that detour me at one point or another in a day.  But I have that agenda to always help get me back on track.

One tradition that I would like to incorporate is to include a family member or a friend into my daily studying before a test.  I recently asked my husband to read some random quiz questions for me just to see how much knowledge I would remember.  I was so nervous because of course I wanted to impress him with my knowledge and I felt like I was going to draw a blank.  But surprisingly I did pretty well and he was super impressed and even asked me probing questions to the things that actually interested him.  Plus I got to spend some time with him and get some studying done.  See what I did there?  LOL! I multi-tasked.  I was pretty proud at that moment and he said he would be willing to help me study more, too.

Another tradition that I will continue to use and hopefully improve on is taking notes on a recorder.  It really helped me get through my notes a lot faster.  But hearing myself on the play back made me giggle…I sounded like a 12 year old professor.  Sometimes I even found myself making noises like I am reading a story book for a child, but it kept it interesting to me.

There are plenty of traditions you can do when it comes to studying or even when you are in school.  Just stay on task and continue to keep moving forward.  I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and I will see you all in the New Year.


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