Meet Vanessa

Vanessa Barry Profile PicHello! My name is Vanessa, meaning butterfly in Greek. I guess I was destined to make a journey for myself and that is exactly what I have done. Truly an American girl, I was born in Southern California and have since lived in Washington, Texas, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, and now Montana. I have a saying, “From sand to snow and mountains on the side, I enjoy my life as a gypsy bride.” I definitely love nature and exploring our beautiful country. I collect rocks and hope to make something with them one day like a rock garden or an obsidian table.

My husband and I will celebrate our five-year anniversary this year! We don’t have any children, a subject always up for discussion, but we do share our residence with our tuxedo cat.

I am happy and proud to have been chosen to be a Student Blogger for At-Home Professions. I hope everyone who reads my blog posts will enjoy them and possibly learn something from what I have to say. I wish you all success while we learn and expand our minds together!


3 thoughts on “Meet Vanessa

  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts thus far, I only just started, but want to read them all, it’s so nice to hear how someone else is doing in the program. I am just starting Medical Coding I and am starting to feel nervous because I will be done soon, but also have a long way to go.

    Also I haven’t ran into anyone in my area who is doing the program, although many people attending the seminar. Thanks for the encouragement with your blog!

  2. Monika

    Hi Samantha,
    Thank you for reading my blog. I’ve never written publicly before, but it’s been a very good experience for me. My hope is that it provides a little bit of encouragement, and helps you to know that, in a sense, you’re not alone. Keep on studying, and take one step at a time. Don’t look too far ahead too soon! Would you mind sharing where you’re located? I’m in Arizona.

  3. That is good advise, I am always thinking ahead. I am in Washington State, in Eastern Washington, Kennewick, Richland, Pasco (Tri-Cities) to be specific. I have been down to Arizona many times for spring training!! My mom has a friend who lives in Mesa!

    I’ve tried to maintain the study habit of do the work when I feel like it, which is most of the time, but I didn’t want to force myself and have it feel like I was in school all over again or feel burnt out. So sometimes I take a few days off and will work on it tonight this weekend. My main issue is I work full time already so my only free time is spent on my schooling, but I know it will all pay off in the end!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your experience, I thought about doing that, I even started well tried to start my own blog about it, but I only posted once and it wasn’t even publicly because I didn’t pay for it.

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