Do your Actions Match your Goals?

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to a New Year! Are you all pumped and ready to give it your all and attain your goals?  If not get your minds in the right setting!!! That is what this blog is all about! Making those goals come into actions! We all make new year’saction resolutions every year and I guarantee every year you end up breaking those, hey it’s ok your human.  I am not here to judge because let me tell ya, I am not perfect by any means.  I am here just to provide you with helpful ideas and tips.  Maybe a little bit of motivation.

So this year I am going to put my plan into motion.  What is my plan? Well guess what…I will tell ya.

My Plan:

Finish up my course.

Save up my funds to go out to travel for 1 year around the United States! Yep that is right, I have the travel bug.  That is a reason I chose At-Home Professions so that I could work from home or in my case work from the road.  I have been saving up my money for over two years so that I could travel for a year while using my skills learned from this course to obtain a position that will allow me to work and explore my adventurous side also.

So now that you know my plan what are the steps that I took to put this plan in place?  ACTION! It is all about the action.  When you want something bad enough you have to keep pushing and trying to achieve your goal.  Yes making a plan is easy but when it comes to making that said plan to come to life, well that is WORK! There was nothing easy to make this happen and it sure did not happen quickly.  I would say that I am a quick learner but when it comes to planning I take longer than most because I strive to make sure that every detail is planned out so that when it happens it is nothing like I planned.  Ha-ha life never happens how we plan it, but with a plan in place there is always room for improvement.  You just have to be willing to be flexible and have an idea of how you would like things to go.  So to plan this I had to start with researching jobs that allow me to be mobile and work from home on my terms.  Being a medical biller and transcriptionist does most of those things, it just will depend on what doctor’s offices allow me to do things digitally.  Which I have found after a year of searching and talking to many different employers and making that sales pitch why this plan will work for the both of us.

So this week make a decision of what you want to achieve and make a plan to achieve it.  Make attainable goals, start small and it will snowball into something big.  Let’s start this year out GREAT!


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