Getting Your Ducks in a Row

Hi everyone and welcome to a whole New Year! Hope you have had a great start! I can tell you that I am starting my new year out running through the gate. I have packed on so much to do on my list and have continued to check them off one by one and am still going strong.  With that being said I would like to see what you all have started to do or would like to do this year?

So I was on Pinterest, my favorite thing in the world to do on my past time.  I came along a home management folder.  Of course there are these binders on sale on the etsy website for over $50.00 …nope! I am not paying for that! So I did a little arts and crafts and created mine for free using just my printer and an old file folder I have probably had since high school.  Let me tell you this thing has kept me sain.  I have my budget, goals, to do lists, meal planning, and my calendar all in one book.  So far it has helped me and my family save over $80.00 per month! And now everyone knows where to look to see what is going on for the month.  Every week we sit down and discuss a meal plan and the budget and see if anyone has anything to add to the schedule so that we are all on the same page.  It has brought us closer together and I have to say the communication is so much better between us.  I posted my school schedule that I want to stick to, so that my husband knows when I am doing homework and am not available to do anything else. He has been so helpful with picking up the slack around the house when he knows I have scheduled class time. Get this, he has even cooked meals those nights.  It has been such a great advantage to the both of us.  I highly recommend adding a home management folder to your family even if it is to just show them when you are not available – so you can get in some studying or just have a special time for yourself.

When I say “get my ducks in a row” I mean that I have also changed the way that I do my homework now.  I used to do all the reading and homework online.  Now with the hard ducks-in-a-rowcopy, I have started to do all my work in the books and then when I have 20 to 30 minutes available I will log in to my school account and do all my quizzes online. I get a ton taken care of in less time.  This also allows me to take my homework with me on the go.  And not to give the excuse that I don’t have the time to do homework because I am not near the computer. Now I can throw it in my back pack and take it with me on the go.

If you have any questions or would like to get some of these free printables please let me know and I will get them to you.  Until next week have a great week and continue to reach for your goals!


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